Sunday, February 14, 2021

28mm French Revolution Parisian Backdrop: Review

 While I was preoccupied by my Bavarian town project, I happened to be contacted by Denise, the talented terrain painter who had painted my Spanish Peninsular buildings. Not knowing when I might be able to get to this myself, I was happy to let her tackle this side project for me. I thought I would write a post about her work and the resin piece itself.

So this is a set from Eureka Miniatures intended for the French guillotine set (which I'm painting currently). This is a two piece set that simply sit adjacent to each other and form a 90 degree angle. My intent is simply a diorama piece for display.

Denise was able to capture a good natural look to the masonry. A natural appearance is what I had wanted. I asked for a realistic effect that was not going to be stark or cartoonish, like Games Workshop style of painting does. Since this is for a historical themed diorama, it needed to look the part.

Subtle shadowing is evident in the coloring of the masonry and the roofing shingles. The wood has a natural weathered look, as one would expect for wood exposed to the elements. Given the right photographic set up, this might look more like a photograph of a real building in an old section of Paris than a model. The painting was done perfectly for what I had asked for.

And here are the two pieces laying flat upon the Novus Designs Belgain cobble stone mat. If you enjoy beautiful terrain as much as I do and you're too busy painting figures and think you want some inspiration to fight over beautiful terrain, why not send Denise an email? If you want to see some of her other additional work and you have Instagram, you can find her under "terraingallerypainting".


  1. Wow, great looking building, most impressive close ups!

  2. Thanks Phil. I hope to have the guillotine and mob finished up soon and will do a final update. I think it will be great.

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