Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Alamo
The Alamo scenario is a game that most people would presume is a forgone conclusion. How could the defenders win? As it turns out, if they had inflicted enough loss upon Santa Ana’s army, then it would change the course of future events. That was the scenario we had planned along with the historical setup.
Not having enough Mexicans to represent the force, command stands with Mexican flags along with French line infantry were used. At this scale, it seems to work just fine. All the Alamo defenders were represented 1:1.
The western wall would be overwhelmed, but not before chewing up most of the attacking companies.
The northeastern corner was where the slowest progress was made. Part of the walls did not require scaling ladders, but the gunfire here was intense. To the left of the picture in the Chapel, cannon fire aided the defenders from a higher elevation.
The result was a bit surprising, but did make sense. The cannon inside the Alamo made the real difference. Those guns could cause enough damage to blow away platoons with ease. Since the defenders were fighting unto death, they did not need to worry about morale or a line of retreat. The defenders had the advantage of a target rich environment along with hard cover. After six hours of playing, Santa Ana got his Pyrrhic victory. The defenders saw to it that the army Santa Ana walked away with was greatly reduced.