Monday, January 7, 2013


Recently I won an eBay auction for 57 AB French dragoons. Seeing how I've already constructed the units I need for the games I play, there wasn't a lot of purpose in me even considering this auction. I made a solid bid for about 2/3rds of the full price and managed to get it for even less. A real bargain if not a firm need for it.

Although no fan of "Digby Smith" or his biased writing style, his book focusing on cavalry engagements of the Napoleonic wars is an interesting read. I had an idea of doing a diorama scene perhaps against some enemy infantry forming up in a square. Since these dragoons are waving their swords as if charging, it seemed appropriate enough.

So I'm interested if anyone has any thoughts on what to exactly do with them? There are quite a few guidons to get rid of, but a firm 50 or so would be impressive in some sort of scene. Most of what I find (historically) isn't dragoons but of cuirassier or lancers doing some menacing of infantry. Perhaps against Spanish in a broken mob of a square? Open to any and all suggestions.