Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ottoman Turk Concript and Militia Units

In this third installment, we have the conscript units for Lasalle. In the army list, it asks for four conscript units as part of the core list. Like the other Old glory figures, the figure bases are wide and only six would fit per stand.

Again, the molded on metal flag was on most of the standards and so I added some details using some flags I already had. Ottoman flags are extremely simple and do not appear to have been designed to be trophies.

The uniforms were taken from various "ortas" from the empire. Some of these units would be from Anatolia, Bulgaria, Bosnia or even from further away provinces and raised to be deployed when needed.

I forgot the name on the Old Glory bags for these varying troop types, but they are quite diverse. This front unit reminds me of the Janissaries.

Now we have the two required militia units of irregular infantry. These would be rounded up from villages and probably just as happy to kill the other militia units in some clan squabble. Being unpaid, their motivation was looting the dead (or the occasional stray traveler).

Really not a lot to go on with how these men might look like so I ended up using mix matched figures and asked they be painted in various colors. I ended up changing some of the colors myself to get the look I wanted.

Being stray militia and classified as irregular, it felt wrong to give them any sort of banner. It would be uncertain whether they would be Muslim or Christian and so it was easier to forget about it. Next up will be the Ottoman artillery.


  1. They look great, beautiful colors...

  2. Always great to see Ottoman Turks, such a colourful and interesting army. I particularly like the Nizam. Great stuff!