Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ottoman Turk Janissaries

In my second installment of posts listing my Ottoman army as it is based and ready for the table, we have the Janissaries.

The Janissaries, like almost everything else in the Ottoman army, seems to have had no real change in uniform except maybe colors. Many plates on the net show different units all very similar yet somehow different. These figures are by Old Glory.

There seems to be two poses for these troops, firing or charging. The one thing about these figures I did not care for were the cast metal flags. This seems to be an old tradition that should have died with the advent of the home color printer. Ottoman flags are extremely simplistic, but it is more time required to paint something that instead could so easily have had a nice paper flag attached.

If they had white face paint instead of beards, they could be confused for some type of unit of clowns. I'm happy with the way they turned out.

Two of the units are in blue with yellow and two with green and yellow. This was changed from a light brown shirts and pants as it all looked a bit drab. Brighter colors are much more pleasing on the table top.

In the next post will be my four conscript units for the basic Lasalle army list.