Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ottoman Turk Artillery and Generals

In this installment, we see the Ottoman artillery and generals being shown after I got them properly based. I seemed to have forgotten to take a picture of both batteries, but they're almost identical except for the gun caliber.

I've been made aware of the French mission to assist in modernizing the Ottoman army and the eventual gun carriage color appears to be a green much like the French. Were all the guns this way? Just newer carriages? Or was this just the decree that wasn't obeyed? Doing them a deep brown allowed me to use them for an earlier period.

The Old Glory pack is interesting and each bag seems to have a fortress style carriage with four wheels, similar to deck guns. This was an older pack of Old Glory with 12 guns and crew, so there were two of these such guns. It's impossible to tell the caliber, but given the size of the barrel, it is much more like a siege gun.

Finding Ottoman general dress wasn't a real easy task. Many of the pictures seemingly are just black and white sketches which are of no real help when painting. On these, I repainted them with bright colors and more elegance with gold and red bridles, bronze stirrups etc. I felt the brighter colors made them stand out.

I could only presume the dress style was somewhat unique to the tastes of the officer wearing it. Standardized army uniforms were only in their infancy and there is likely to be regional differences and tastes present.

My only problem with these figures is that there was limited diversity. It would appear the sculptor had a similar problem finding many references and repeated the same design. The detail is there on the figures, just the imagination of the sculptor was limited or maybe under some deadline. With about 5 poses, a variety of colors is almost a requirement.


  1. Thanks guys. Cavalry will be up next.

  2. Lovely work on these Turks. The cannon is great, but I love those turbans!