Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flintloque Catalucians Finished

So after a few months of work, I've gotten through these units and finished up the basing. Seen here are a heavy and medium gun along with limbers. Limbers in this game are not necessary and due to their scale, only have two horses rather than the larger teams that would exist in real life. In any event, such details add to the game.

The line unit, pictured again with the general, but with finished bases. I may raise a second line battalion, however their tactical worth is of little value even if they are cheap point wise.

The first guerrilla unit seen here. In this game, the guerrillas are better than the line units and you can adjust certain stats by taking away from some categories and adding to others. Perhaps a scenario might make you desire to have better shooters than melee troops, then these stats can be adjusted to a degree. Seeing how they are skirmishers, enhancing their shooting abilities would be a wise idea in most cases.

The final unit that will be added in the near future will be a guerrilla cavalry unit when I get around to ordering a couple of more blisters to fill out the unit. Considering how small our games are, I won't need anything more than that to field a complete force for our 1,000-1,500pt games.


  1. I really like those figures : diversity, beauty, and nice bases make me want to complete my Spanish army!
    Great work,

  2. these figures and your painting are brilliant. I will be visiting your blog regularly