Saturday, March 2, 2013

So late last year in an earlier post back in December, I purchased a couple of pontoon wagons and a pontoon bridge. I decided to post the follow up showing full completion of both.

The pontoon bridge will likely be used least of all, but might be interesting for an 1809 Rhine campaign someday. The pontoon wagons could work for the same theater or of the second invasion of Portugal when a group of pontoon wagons were taken with the army for a possible river crossing. In any event, they are novelty items and something really only a collector would seriously entertain painting.


  1. Very nice minis! Pontoon wagons are great!

  2. Terrific! Kit, and lots of it should be the theme of games. Fill the battlefield with great pieces like these and your games will be magnificent. Bravo!

  3. Yes, I will make a special game for it. Perhaps a crossing of the Tagus? I've got the Portuguese and British to try and repulse the French onslaught.