Monday, November 18, 2013

Flintloque Catalucian Guerilla Cavalry

One of my final units for this force was a guerrilla cavalry unit. One of the nice features in Flintloque is the ability of the Catalucian Guerrillas to alter some of their stats by subtracting from one category and adding to another. The cavalry is a bit limited in this sense in that they have no shooting stats to deduct some points to add to the melee factor. This might seem a bit disadvantageous, but their stats are quite good considering what they're representing.


In my first battle with them, they were the big show stopper. I kept them in reserve for a grand opportunity to pounce on an enemy when they weren't expecting it. Some Ferach line infantry turned a flank to these guerrillas thinking the forest would prevent a charge. Forming into column and then using a melee card for the charge bonus in distance and +3 to the melee factor, the Ferach troops were smacked around thoroughly and tossed back. The Ferach dragoon unit that came up suffered similar results with a minor melee card they were routed and then practically finished off by some artillery as they ran. The guerrilla cavalry's stats are quite similar to the enemies they would commonly encounter. No need to adjust their stats, they're quite good as is.


I decided on a basic brown uniform and catching the eye with a nice yellow that is repeated on the hat, cuffs and trouser stripes along the outer seam. The unicorn was the portion I simply had to reject on the Alternative Armies website. White? Elves on unicorns is hard enough to swallow, but at least dark elves riding dark unicorns isn't so silly. I did them with pure black and heavy highlighting of grey to give it more depth. Considering the alternative, I believe it came out nicely.


Perhaps in spring I'll work on a final line unit and use up some of the spare figures I have on hand. With my son being born a couple of months ago, painting and free time ain't what it used to be. In the next post I'll show off some 15mm AB French I've been painting to replace the Old Glory infantry units.