Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Napoleonic Scenario Books

Finding good scenario books is a challenge as most are rule set specific and often won't translate well into other rule sets. Sometimes scenarios that are available are all too common and frequently too large for many gamers to get involved in. Napoleonic gamers know of Wagram, but not many are aware of the smaller battles leading up to the climatic battle itself.

The first two volumes of the 1809 Danube campaign are now ready for you to reserve. Two more scenario books for the 1809 Danube campaign will follow shortly. These volumes, produced by the venerable Michael Hopper, author of Rise of Eagles, is producing a line of scenario books with many smaller unknown scenarios. The first two are fairly extensive and represent years of work and play testing to work out a finished product that any Napoleonic gamer would want to add to a collection.

These scenario books will only be produced in a limited run, so if you choose to wait you will miss out. If you want to own a finely produced scenario book to expand your game playing or inspire you to run a unique scenario with a chance of completing an entire campaign, this is your chance. You may contact Michael Hopper at:

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