Wednesday, August 16, 2017

AB Peninsula British Infantry

A while back I departed with my Eureka 15mm British infantry with Belgic shakos as a way of motivating me to finish this project. Although I am fond of the Belgic, it isn't entirely accurate for the Peninsular theater where I am focused. With work and life, progress was slow and putting on a game was going to be a challenge unless I wanted to unleash my Spanish to fight alone.

This is 2/3 of Picton's Third Division from 1810-1811. The Seven British battalions were accompanied with 3 Portuguese battalions. I hope to have the final Portuguese battalion completed soon.

I'm happy with how they came out and just wanted to update the blog with some more relevant content. After I complete this division, I have one more to get me to where I want to be.

I might also mention that I went with the at ease pose due to concerns with bayonets. Anyone familiar with the Eureka figures knows the metal is a bit softer and if you're going to have other gamers handling your figures, you had best do what you can to prevent broken bayonets. No such problem here. I also notice with the AB range that this pose has more variety including a few without shakos and in a fatigue cap and a few missing any hat at all. A little variety is good and can be fun to play around with.


  1. Nice work on your British ABs. Stovepipe much more appropriate for the Iberian Peninsula. A mix of headgear and trousers adds interest.

  2. They look superb...and very disciplined, great job!

  3. Great looking figures you have there.
    I noticed a few yellow faced jackets in the battalion with white facings, is there a reason for this?


    1. Well if it isn't a discoloration of the light, then I likely just had the stands mixed up. Labels for the stands haven't been printed off yet. I use steel paper and apply printed labels to the steel paper, which in turn sticks to the underside of the magnetic stand. When folded at 90 degrees, it sticks up at the back of the stand and is only visible from behind. I'm out of steel paper at the moment, so confusion is going to happen.