Sunday, December 16, 2012

French Pontoon Train and Bridge

After being away from blogging from a while (which my next post will show why exactly), I decided to show my next project off. I'm going to be posting more regularly now, so you won't have to wonder why this blog went quiet. You rarely see these pontoon figures and it is clear why as almost no company makes them! Pontoon trains seemingly get ignored, much as limbers do, however they are an incredibly significant part of an army while on campaign.

The pontoon wagon chassis and pontoons are from Minifigs. Being the only company that made them in 15mm, there wasn't any other choice. The rear wheels are from Old Glory which are much closer to the 18mm world that our 15mm figures now inhabit. The front and the horse teams are simply an AB French limber set. The pontoons were a little over sized for true 15mm oddly enough, so this conversion works out quite well.

I picked up the Minifigs pontoon set from a friend who had two unopened blisters that he wanted to get rid of. I paid $10 for each, which was their original cost. Each pack had both Austrian and generic workers in action for construction, however since the figures were true 15mm, they would not work with my armies that I have at the moment. It appears that I will have to simply make the trains, pontoon bridge and lumber wagon (in next post) work as a convincing pontoon train.

The bridge set is from Hallmark figures out of the UK. I purchased it on eBay last week along with a few other odds and ends (including some 15mm cats & dogs believe it or not).

The bridge is a little rough on a few pieces and one small hole in the resin that I will have to even out with lots of sanding and green stuff. I'll be following up with another post once the set is completed.


  1. Very nice non-fighting units!

  2. Nice pick up. They look like the sort of pieces that will look really impressive once painted. We'll look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Looking good and a nice idea swapping in the AB horses and riders. Look forward to seeing how they come together.

  4. I have included in my French Army at least a small corps of Sappers (2 companies - 8 figures in all). I have a generic pontoon train (undergoing refurbishment) and a bridge I built up from matchsticks. These were made in sections with side 'planks' arranged in such a way as the sections can be slotted together to form considerable lengths of bridging.

    Main problem is in the particular of pontoons. Made of cardboard, they tend to be too flimsy to stand the weight of metal figures...

    1. I also have some sappers but have gone to adding them to some of my units beside the command figures for a better appearance. Technically it was engineers who built these bridges, but surely sappers would be assisting in multiple ways.

      Are your figures also the 15mm scale?