Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: B Company Bases

For many years as my collection of figures increased, storage and transport have become a problem. Living a good distance from the game shop or other friend's homes in which games are more often played, transport security matters. I had heard of magnetic bases but was skeptical.

Many of the bases I had seen were expensive, thin and seemed impractical for a large scale rebasing project. That was my view until I had a wargaming friend who showed me his stands. After that, I bought hundreds and began rebasing, as seen here.

At first glance, it appears different from what one would expect. The rough brown texture would appear to be a slight hindrance for adhering figures to. Believe it or not, it works fine and would probably do better than a flat surface if you're using sand or some other textured ground work.

Another feature I like is the fact that if you want to remove figures from the base, you don't end up destroying the base. After years of dealing with thick cardboard, plastic or wood bases, this was quite a change for me. According to the maker, a soak in water can loosen the figures to ease release. I found no problem popping them off with a hobby knife. The top surface appears to be some form of hard board and the bottom a flex steel type of magnet that is so well connected to the board that it appears to be one solid piece.

The bases come in almost any size you could want. Here is a 1.5" square, a 1.5"x1" rectangle and a 1" square base and a 1"x3.5" base reserved for my caissons and limbers. All the bases I've ordered (hundreds) have been precision cut and I haven't had one misshapen base or obtuse angle to date. The turn around time from when the order is placed to when it is received is far faster than Litko Aero Systems by a far margin. I made an order on a Thursday afternoon and had the bases on Monday. With Litko I've had to wait weeks and are far more pricey.

I highly recommend these bases if you're serious about transporting your figures in magnetic containers and for a sturdy, clean base.

Orders can be placed by contacting Bill from Good Ground LLC.


  1. Wouldn't like to say how many hours I've spent fretting over basing!

    1. As did I. It came to a point where I got tired of messing with cutting new bases every time a new unit was rolled out. No matter how well I tried to measure and cut, something always came out a little odd. These are thick, solid bases that can protect your figures by keeping them secure. Not terribly cheap and it will cost you time to rebase, but in the end, it felt worth it.

  2. What thickness of base did you use? Litko sells three...

    1. Hello Bill. They are about 4mm in height. With Litko it is more expensive and you're basically buying the pieces separately (which I know because I have done). This is more convenient as it is one piece and when I place the order it is here in a few days. Litko is a bit slow in the shipping side of things.

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