Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ottoman Cavalry: Finally Completed

After a long break from posting and getting through a lot of painting and finishing up of projects, I got these last four Ottoman cavalry units ready for battle. I don't see the need to expand the army out any further.

This last brigade for Lasalle represents the completion of a long term project that is quite unlike any other Napoleonic army. The Ottomans have a lot of gaps in their uniform and organization records which in part plays a role in so few people being brave enough to go down this road. The colors here are quite different yet blend in the rainbow spectrum that is the Ottoman army.

One thing different with this brigade was to get away from white horses, which I've never cared for when painted most of the time. The flags are from Cotton Jim's and is somewhat better than some of their other lines.

More custom made lance pennants here. The black is somewhat odd for the time period but was from an actual Ottoman unit.

And the final unit. As hard as it is to find some detail to add to these units, they are a bit bland. Unlike the Europen nations that have buttons, uniform trim, plumes etc, all you have are various clothing colors. Fine enough for the table top! Now, back to western Europe.