Monday, July 14, 2014

AB Dragoons Update

Last year I made a post about an eBay auction I had won for a large group of unpainted French dragoons. It was a good deal even though I had four units of AB dragoons already. This represents my second brigade for Lasalle.

For many years my collection lacked enough dragoons to properly represent some of the large number of units commonly available in Peninsular War battles. I recently had the opportunity to field all eight of the units in my last Lasalle after action report. The division did quite well and looked impressive.

In this group there are two units with yellow facings. 3/4 of my original four units were red and so these additional two make three yellow and three red facings.

Here are the two units with pink facings. The pink is neat in that it is not as commonly seen in the French army. One of my future projects will be to paint some of the nice dismounted models available.

I believe they came out well and considering the huge discount of the auction, it makes this brigade more special for me. Painting and forming them into units instead of a diorama was probably the better choice.


  1. Nice looking dragoons, love these units!

    1. Thanks. I'm just happy they're all done.