Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sabol Designs Spanish Village In Progress

As anyone who has seen my blog battles knows, my buildings are a bright white stucco with stereotypical red tiled roof. Although not incorrect, in my further research I have come across the disturbing fact that that wasn't real common in early 19th century Spain and Portugal. It appears the white wash color was expensive and typically, only the wealthy had such clean looking exteriors.

In a way, this makes perfect sense since dust, rains and general soot in the air from homes burning wood and oil would certainly dirty up pristine white buildings in no time. As previously seen on my blog, Sabol Designs constructed a Spanish monastery for me. The coloring is more greyish and natural looking. As a result of my research and the fact that it would be nice to have buildings that tend to blend together on the table, I've commissioned the time of Matt Sabol to repaint and construct the buildings into village/towns.

Almost all of my buildings are Hovels, but there are a couple of JR Miniatures buildings in the mix (the French estate building and the round tower). So far, I have two preliminary pictures from the work. A full review will be done once they arrive.

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