Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Sabol Designs Custom Monastery

In early September while browsing the internet one night, I came across a website I had not visited in some time, Sabol Designs. While browsing, I noticed where custom terrain work was a service being offered. In all honesty, I already knew what I wanted, just could not manage to do it myself.

What I had wanted was the Italian monastery offered by So, out of curiosity, I sent a request asking if they could use the paper terrain set and create this piece. Having tried my own hand with the same set, I knew it would be a challenge. Thankfully, they could and offered instead to do it as a solid piece set.

I was very skeptical since there was little work to judge for the quality I may receive. The price was reasonable to say the least ($85 for the piece and $15 for shipping). They decided to do it cheap to see if it could be done. I said yes and in little over a week, I received my pictures.

The base is hollow and made from plastic/resin, similar to Games Workshop hills. The highlighting and shading is top notch, would be a center piece on any game table. The windows are Games Workshop "bitz". Doors are a little on the small side, but doesn't take away from anything. The buildings appear to be made from palsticard and the whole structure is quite tough - I can pick up the piece by grabbing onto the buildings rather than simply the base.

It exceeded all of my expectations and I would give this a five star rating. Literally, I could not see anyway to improve upon this piece or compare it to anything I've ever seen at this scale.


  1. Hi Gary

    Only just came across your blog, so apologise for late contact. This monastery is absolutely stunning - wow! I use 20mm & small ("true") 25mm figures, but I use 15mm buildings to keep the footprint down.

    You say this item was $85 plus shipping? Painted? What is the size (table space)? To get to the point, could they/would they make another, do you think?

    Best regards


  2. Hi Gary,
    Also just stumbled upon your blog (great work). I agree with Tony, What a bargain!!! This would be a piece of terrain I myself would jump at!

  3. MSFoy,

    Yes, the price was as you see it. I literally have not touched it up or done anything. It came ready to use right out of the box. I think it would be easy for him to make a duplicate because the base is plastic and I'm sure he made a mould of it, so a duplicate would be far easier with a base already established.

    I'm in contact with him and have agree to have my 15mm Hovels Spanish buildings put into walled villages to look like this.I'll be posting another review when that is done (got to send my buildings and the money first).